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by Darryl L. Stinson, M.D.

The most important piece of equipment in the industry is often most neglected and rarely ever calibrated. I'm talking about the human.

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The Center Of Industrial Rehabilitation Services is a medical facility that specializes in occupational health and focuses on the healthcare needs of its industrial partners. This unique facility handles all aspects of occupational medicine, from pre-employment exams, to workplace injuries as well as interventional and wellness programs tailored specifically for each of its clients. The Center partners with each employer to reduce health care costs and address health and safety as a strategic business issue.

Few things affect profits and the overall health of a business more than lost time and lost productivity due to an illness or injury. The physicians at The Center are committed to providing quality medical services for the industrial community in the Rio Grande Valley. You can feel confident when sending your employees to The Center that they will receive prompt quality care with case management that will result in a decrease in lost work time and reduced cost to your business and the bottom line.

Our primary goal is to provide quality medical care to every patient, focusing on prevention.
We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in carrying out our duties as your medical team working together to prevent injuries.

The Center of Industrial Rehabilitation Services provides an integrated services perspective that spans the occupational health lifecycle. From pre-employment exams to programs designed to manage injured workers to services focusing on wellness and illness prevention, The Center of Industrial Rehabilitation Services can manage of your complete occupational healthcare needs.

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