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The Center of Industrial Rehabilitation Services

The Center of Industrial Rehabilitation Services is a medical facility that specializes in Occupational Health and Industrial Medicine, focusing on the healthcare needs of its industrial partners and local businesses around the Rio Grande Valley.

Drug Testing

We offer a wide variety of drug testing services performed by certified personnel and are available "in clinic" or "on site"


  • Department of Transportation-DOT also known as Medical Card.

  • Regular physicals

  • Pre-Placement physicals. Designed to test an individuals capacity to perform physical demand of the job.

DOT Compliance Management

  • Random Selection Program.

  • Random Program.

  • Reasonable suspicious training for supervisors.

  • Clearinghouse management and online reporting.

Ancillary Services

Work related care:

  • Aggressive return to work program

  • Same day work status reporting

  • In house Diagnostics

  • Designated case manager

About Us

Our primary goal is to provide quality medical care to every patient. We strive to maintain a high level of professionalism in carrying out our duties as your medical team.

Our Services

Our Medical team will screen your employees for possible hypertension, diabetes, hernia, loss of hearing, limited vision, general physical abnormalities and previous injuries which might affect job duties.

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